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The sound of the Bösendorfer piano – “Der Klang, der berührt” – is considered a synonym par excellence for the Bösendorfer brand. This unmistakable and unique tonal character, the typical, richly coloured timbre, is directly connected to the instruments´construction and design. Day by day a huge number of music productions are published, worldwide. And the Bösendorfer piano is a very important part of these productions. Listen to the sound of Bösendorfer pianos. Discover the world of the Bösendorfer pianos.

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Lkás Vondrácék - Im gläsernen Schloss
Title: Lukás Vondrácék - Im gläsernen Schloss
Artist: Lukáš Vondráček
Music Media: CD
Composer: Johannes Brahms
Artist Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Classic
Domain Onlineshop: shop.orf.at
Bösendorfer Model: Bösendorfer model 280
Varvara â Im glaesernen Schloss
Title: Varvara – Im gläsernen Schloss
Artist: Varvara Nepomnyashchaya
Music Media: CD
Composer: Beethoven, Schumann, Mozart
Artist Country: Russia
Genre: Classic
Domain Onlineshop: shop.orf.at
Bösendorfer Model: Bösendorfer model 280
Title: 3690
Artist: Martin “Musa” Musaubach
Composer: Martin Musaubach
Artist Country: Argentina
Genre: Jazz
Brief description: This is Musa's first album. A tribute to his growing up in Argentina and to his exciting and struggling journey as a musician. In a fusion of jazz and world music, most of the songs in ''3690'' (name that stands for the street and number of his house back home where he inherited his legacy and his family name started) were born many years before he got the chance to travel abroad to further develop his career. This album, mirroring his childhood and life experience, is a whirlpool of emotional diversity which takes its shape from bringing together the two most important influences in Musa's musical life: Tango and Blues. The combination between deep, heartfelt compositions and a mesmerizing mind-blowing technique in his solos makes this album a passionate and joyful experience.
Domain Label: www.asiamuse.com.tw
Domain Onlineshop: www.asiamuse.com.tw
Bösendorfer Model: Bösendorfer model 214
Piano Recital
Title: Piano Recital
Artist: Bernhard Ruchti
Music Media: CD
Composer: Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy
Genre: Classic
Domain Artist: www.bernhardruchti.com
Bösendorfer Model: Bösendorfer model 280
Sona Shaboyan, piano
Title: Sona Shaboyan, piano
Artist: Sona Shaboyan
Music Media: CD
Label (Catalogue No.): Gallo
Genre: Classic
Domain Label: www.vdegallo.ch
Domain Onlineshop: www.vdegallo.ch
Bösendorfer Model: Bösendorfer model 280
Alexei Kornienko Klaviersonaten
Title: Alexei Kornienko Klaviersonaten
Artist: Alexei Kornienko
Music Media: 2 CD
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Label (Catalogue No.): Assam Media
Genre: Classic
Domain Onlineshop: www.assam-media-verlag.at
Bösendorfer Model: Bösendorfer model 225
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